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“Very satisfied with my decision to do a health coaching consultation with Laleh.  Her unique approach to a healthy lifestyle and restoring your gut is refreshing and unconventional.  She focuses on building up and encouraging her clients from the inside out.  Even if you already have a hand up on existing healthy habits, Laleh will take it to the next level.   She has a wealth of resources and recommendations based on your personal goals that will be sure to put you on a new path to your ultimate best!”

—Maria, 58, Florida


“When I came to Laleh I was initially looking for an easy fix to make my stomach feel better and to feel less bloated.  What she helped me realize is that I was experiencing extreme burnout and not taking enough time for myself.  Because of her encouragement and genuine support I was able to remove myself from toxic environments, take time for myself, and really listen to what my body needed.  She helped me implement small habits slowly so now they are a daily routine and because she created such an open and loving space I was able to celebrate my victories and see just how far I had come.  She is a WEALTH of knowledge and constantly researching to find the best of the best for her clients.  I felt so safe knowing she knew what she was talking about and also that there was zero judgment or pretense in what I would bring to the table for our sessions.  Today, I know exactly what to listen for with my body.  I’m more clear on my hunger cues, when I’m too stressed, when I need to make more time for myself and have an entirely new list of favorite recipes and grocery items I LOVE.  Laleh truly has a gift, she changed my life, and I am so grateful to have worked with her!”

—Tina, 29, NYC


“Working with Laleh was exactly what I needed for this particular time in my life.  After nearly 10 years of being on birth control, I was getting off it completely for the first time. It was so reassuring having Laleh there to motivate me & educate me on all the ways I could make my hormonal rebalancing as smooth and seamless as possible. I’m now having regular menstrual cycles again & feel so much more empowered to make food choices that are nourishing, full of variety, and (mostly) void of process oils.  Laleh helped lay the foundation for a new chapter in my life & I’m so grateful for all the guidance she’s provided me on my journey this far!”

—Amber, 26


“Laleh has been easy to work with, very hands-on and knowledgeable with helping me maneuver my dietary issues.  I needed someone who would help me really listen to my body, address my issues, and figure out what I need to get healthier, feel better through diet and lifestyle changes.  I have lost 20 pounds, off of all blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and had my first normal EKG scan in 5 years.  I learned how to be dedicated to myself for better health, thus a better quality of life.”

—Mo, 61, California


“I’ve never worked with a life coach before, but Laleh made me feel comfortable with the process.  Even after a couple sessions, I felt more confident with the life issues we were talking about and working through.  Laleh is very relatable and our sessions were like talking to a friend who just happens to have the resources to help you conquer whatever life is throwing at you”

—Emma, 27, California


“I began coaching with Laleh to work on some personal blocks that had kept me tied down for way too long.  I was doing all the right things, getting the degrees, climbing the ladder, but there was something inside of me, some block, some limiting belief that was keeping me stuck, censoring my true voice and aspirations.  Through Laleh’s safe, honoring presence, the space was created where I could have the breakthrough I needed.  I will never forget that session with Laleh, the moment when the breakthrough occurred and I gained clarity on what had been holding me back.  It was a moment that has changed the trajectory of my life.  If you are looking for a genuine, safe, supportive coach who is sincerely interested in your well-being, and who will nurture the sacred space needed for real change to occur, Laleh is your girl!”

—Joseph, 41, North Carolina


“Before working with Laleh, I knew I needed to find better work/life balance to accomplish my career and personal goals, but felt lost and clueless about how to achieve that. Laleh helped me figure out the blocks preventing me from going after what I wanted, find clarity in what my goals really are, and come up with realistic steps I can take to make my goals a reality. She has such amazing energy, is very supportive, and was all-around great to work with! With her guidance, I finally feel like I’m actually moving with intention towards my ideal life instead of just wandering around aimlessly”

—Megan, 27, Bay Area California

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